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May 10, 2023

The distribution of Drucker-Prager Cap model parameters for pharmaceutical materials

This work summarizes the findings from the collection of DPC parameters from 60 materials. From this dataset several important conclusions can be drawn about typical and extreme behaviors of formulations and excipients. From these findings key signals of program risk can be determined and utilized early in the formulation development process to avoid costly manufacturing and scale-up issues.

The paper is available in the PAPERS section.

Find others studies here using the Drucker-Prager Cap model:

  • Predictive modelling of powder compaction for binary mixtures using the finite element method
  • Comparative study between Drucker-Prager/Cap and modified Cam-Clay models for the numerical simulation of die compaction of pharmaceutical powders

#finite elements methods #STYL'One #compaction #Drucker-Prager Cap model #DPC

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