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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Jan. 12, 2023

Customised excipient blends for capsule to tablet formulations

Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Formulation Development manager, Colorcon, sheds light on how selecting an excipient in early formulation development is critical to developing a robust scalable SOD formulation and can help the transition from capsule to tablet formulations.

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Feature article


Jan. 11, 2021

KORSCH and MEDELPHARM partner to introduce R&D equipment portfolio

MEDELPHARM, the global leader in the development of compaction simulator technology, has announced a strategic partnership with KORSCH AG – the global leader in tablet press technology, offering solutions for product development, scale-up, high-speed production, multi-layer, mini-tablet, and WIP/high-containment applications – to introduce a new portfolio of equipment geared to R&D stage production.

The collaboration includes a joint microsite dedicated to the new R&D lineup:

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