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July 23, 2021

Transcript - Impact of Geometrical Process parameters on the tab-in-tab structure

On June 9th Léo Picart, Phd Student at Skyepharma / University of Bordeaux, Aline Moulin from Skyepharma and Bruno Leclerc from MEDELPHARM animated the webinar on the impact of geometrical process parameters on the tab-in-tab structure.

You can access a transcript of the webinar below. 

#webinar #process parameters #transcript #Tab-in-Tab



June 17, 2021

Replay: “Impact of Geometrical Process Parameters on the Tab-in-Tab structure”

MySTYL'One member exclusive!

MySTYL’One Live session is now available for replay.

Please click here to access the video (registered users only).

The video presents a joint experimental and numerical study from University of Bordeaux and Skyepharma’s research teams.

The webinar is extended with a hands-on demo on the STYL’One Evo showing how to develop press-coated tablets.

#STYL'One evo #webinar #Tab-in-Tab

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