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Pharmaceutical Technology

May 22, 2023

Six things to look for when choosing an R&D tablet press

R&D tablet presses are an essential part of the laboratory, providing complete tablet compression functionality from a compact system. Using advanced tableting instrumentation, formulation scientists can perform feasibility experiments that help to improve yields and secure product scale-up later on.

6 things to look for when choosing an R&D tablet press

1. Scalability

Scaling up a tableting process from R&D to production can be challenging, with formulation problems likely to arise in the form of tablet defects. Advanced R&D presses help to prevent issues by mimicking the tablet compression characteristics of high-speed production equipment.

2. Return on investment

The right tablet press should result in significant cost savings for your business. It is important to choose a system with comprehensive data acquisition and analysis software. This can help to evaluate tablet quality and develop more robust formulations, meaning less defects and downtime during production.

3. Versatility

Finding a versatile R&D tablet press is key for flexible drug development. With one compaction simulator, you have access to several production processes in one place. You can simulate all the high-speed production presses or roller compactors on the market, so this means versatility.

4. Ease of use

Tablet compression and powder characterisation technology is inherently complex, but it shouldn’t seem so to users. Most vendors will claim to offer intuitive software, so it’s important to consider what actions were taken during development to ensure this.

5. Operator safety

With pharma’s increasing use of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), purchasing tablet presses with containment features is becoming more and more critical.

6. Strong Service Network

Every so often, maintenance is recommended to keep your tablet press running smoothly across a long service life. “Reactivity in case of issues is key.” In the time-pressured environment of pharma R&D, slow service from your tablet press partner could set you back in time and money.

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