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May 9, 2023

Looking into the OSD Crystal Ball: Industry Experts Reflect on Opportunities and Challenges in 2023 and Beyond

Tablets & capsules dives into oral solid dosage forms and the opportunities and challenges in 2023 and beyond:

  • Materials-sparing formulations will see higher uptake

Materials-sparing formulation development approaches enabled by compaction simulation will be widely adopted. Rich information on the properties and performance of API and blends can be collected using grams of material on a compaction simulator. Punch sticking, air entrapment, speed effect, tooling design, and other process parameters can be studied to optimize formulation and manufacturing process so that they are amenable for commercial manufacturing.

Additional topics:

  • The future of Quality in Manufacturing
  • More automation in testing
  • Customization is coming
  • A renewed emphasis on sustainability strategies
  • Persistent Multiple Cost Pressures 
  • Better tool management

Full news available on Tablets & Capsules.

#tool management #Compaction simulation #material sparing #sustainability #Pharma 4.0 #customization #automation

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